What will happen when older women date a college boy?

When you see older women dating a young guy, you’re seeing the cougar at work. Older women dating younger men has increasingly picked up tempo and is now socially acceptable. Older women seeking young boy have a good option in cougar websites, where there are cubs aplenty. When you’re looking at a cougar, you have a woman in her late 40’s or early 50’s whose sexual prowess is on the wane and she is trying to get the most out of it while she can. Here are some things a cougar can expect when they’re dating a college boy.

Biology cannot be argued with. A man reaches his sexual prime when he is in his twenties, due to a spike in the hormone testosterone. On the other hand, women reach their prime in their 30’s and 40’s; added to it is that young guys have a lot of stamina, so a cougar has a good time in bed with her cub. Additionally, a young guy is open to experimentation, and this increases the levels of dopamine in the brain which results in the both of you want to spend more time together, the sexual fire can really be lit this way.

You’ll have dinner dates for sure, but also be prepared for a hike or a picnic which is not a common dating venue. Younger men are as adventurous outside the bedroom as they are within it. You will [find that a younger ‘you’ will emerge after spending time with your cub. Also, your cub will view you as smart and worldly, and hence will want to please you both with emotion and intellect. He can be trusted upon to come up with young, fresh and fun ideas for dates that will ignite the young you.

When you enter a new relationship, the odds are that you are dragging along your former boyfriends with you. This angle does not come into play when a cougar is involved. The younger and less experienced your cougar is, the more willingly he’ll play into your hands. He will be open and honest with you and that is a godsend. Also, he’ll be bringing in less baggage with him. But this also means that less baggage translates into a lack of relationship skills, communication skills, and resolution skills. You should be selective regarding your battles and also try to compromise on things which are not vital to the relationship.

There are a few cons associated with a cub. He is likely to be close to his frat friends and will probably spend a lot of time with them, be drinking, flirt and be hanging out at bars till four in the morning. Do not be much surprised if he chooses to hang out with his brothers instead of your place.  Most young people are facing peer pressure and do not want to miss out on the group from which they scour their identity.

A younger man will not be open to a long-term commitment with you in general. You may harbor thoughts of marriage, but he still has to establish himself in the world and make a name for himself. Do not harbor a grudge. There are plenty of toyboys ready to walk down the aisle if you look properly. To most guys, marriage feels like giving up their freedom and they shy away from it when they’re relatively young.

All things said and done, the advantages of dating a cub far outweigh the cons and if you’re contemplating joining the cougar club, go for it.

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