Should Best Senior Dating be older men and younger women?

I was having a discussion with some of my friends few weeks ago when that age long question sneak into our general talk. What is the appropriate age gap in senior dating and should senior dating be older men looking for younger women or the other way round. We didn’t really have a concise conclusion then but I literarily to it on to conduct some research on this question. My goal was to find out main reasons why younger women tend to look for older men. So, if you older men looking for younger women or a younger women looking for older men, you might have one or two things to learn from my findings. So, let’s get to the discussion why Should Best Senior Dating be older men and younger women? To give you the summary of my findings point blank, it seems older men looking for younger women is the new norm today.

older men looking for younger women

This idea was best capture in a previous research by Wall Street Insanity too. In their findings they concluded that a major reason women date older men today is security. The phenomenon was described to have a number of biological factors to it too. Before the advent of technology, all the way back to when we were still cavemen, men has always needed to show how much he could secure and provide for his family. But we used to do this by going out to hunt for food. It is this ability to provide and secure that we base the meaning of masculinity on. But today, we don’t hunt again, we use our money. So, it is safe to say that the security that women seek is mostly thought to mean money. And this is still the number one reason we see younger women looking for older men and older men looking for younger women. This is also evident in our daily life, even among the celebrity. Check out some of these facts for consideration.

1.Research has shown that most men featured in Forbes list were married to women that is at least 7 years younger than they are.
2.When super-rich men remarried, there is high level of probability that the age of the next wife will be 22 years younger.
3.Statistics has also shown that married women in the US were about 4 years younger than married men

All these statistics further confirm that we now live in a society filled with older men looking for younger women and younger women looking for older men. This also goes with the general saying that “women choose men who offer resources and stability.” But that’s not where the story ends. Older men are also deliberately looking for younger women in dating. So, let me share with you two specific reasons I came across in my findings of why older men tend to be looking for younger women and younger women also looking for older men.

The biological Instinct

One the fundamental reasons I uncovered in my research is that men are subconsciously searching for younger women because they are more fertile. Males are hard-wired to want females that are of optimal breeding age. So we can say that men are biologically programmed to get attracted to youth to breed. And guess what, the younger a woman is the higher her chance of her getting pregnant. We all know that a man can make a baby even at the age of 75. But it will be a miracle to see a woman getting pregnant in her 50s. So if we do the math, for the vast majority of men that will be women younger than them. There is a school of thought that also believes that it is not that older men deliberately go after younger women. Rather, men tend to go for the physical features that correlate with youth that they find appealing. There are basic physical features in a woman that tend to activate some hormones in men. Things like smooth skin, long silky hair, and a hip-waist ratio of 0.7-0.8 tend to have special effect on men. Incidentally, younger women are more likely to have these features. So, when we look at it from a biologically and psychologically perspective, we can say that it is normal to see older men looking for younger women.

Less Baggage

Some of the other reasons that came to light is that older men looking for younger women are becoming more rampant because younger women tend to come with less baggage. There is a fact that younger women are not likely to have kids and probably no divorces or a lot of ex to worry about. All these tend to put less pressure on the relationship. Older men want to date because they want to and not necessary with a longer term agenda. All these tend to be easier when the dating occurs between older men and younger women.

There is also the fact that younger women are more refreshing and optimistic and less cynical. This is one of the big things many older women are looking for in dating younger women.

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