Perception of Age Range When Dating

Older women looking for younger men is a common thing, such women even have earned themselves a nickname, cougars. Cougars are so common that there are websites dedicated just for them such as and These websites help them find the younger men that they crave. Why are older women looking for younger men?

That question has several answers. First of all when women look for younger men they are often looking for someone that will remind themselves of when they were younger. They want people who are young, agile, and still full of life that they feel like they no longer have. Younger men are also thought to have a better libido than older men. Half or more of men over 60 have erectile dysfunction after all.

It could also have to do with the feel of being wanted that women get from younger men. Many younger men want to find cougars so that they can have someone who is open to exploring sexually. They find that people their age aren’t willing to try the same things or have as much sex so they go looking for a source such as a cougar. Often time’s cougars will have a number of younger men who are interested in sleeping with them.

Older men, like older women also tend to let themselves go. A lot of men lose their hair and grow a belly as they start to age. Women don’t find this attractive so that search for a source of intimacy that is attractive and knows how to take care of themselves. There is a chance that if more men took care of themselves as they aged that older women looking for younger men may start to change their minds.

The last thing that you have to factor in is availability. As people grow older they are more likely to marry someone, start a family, and have kids. That means there is less matches of the same age for older people. A lack of availability makes it hard to find someone they are attracted to and can form a connection with resulting in older women looking for younger men.

Younger woman looking for older men isn’t uncommon, in fact it happens quite often. The age range seems to work both ways. There are websites dedicated to this area of dating too because it is so common. Major dating websites like Plenty of Fish often have filters to help users find older men. Let’s look at why older men may be popular to younger women.

First, younger women looking for older men are often looking for someone who can support them. Older men are usually set in a profession and are making a steady income that they can direct towards their younger woman. This doesn’t mean that they are gold diggers, it just means that they care that they are being looked after just like everyone else.

Younger men are oft4en seen as being very immature, more so than younger woman in most cases. Often you hear in the newspaper or other sources of young men who are getting in trouble or causing problems. By the time men grow up they often realize that they have to make a place for themselves in the world and if they don’t start being responsible they will never be able to fit in.

When younger men don’t have the same level of experience in bed. They often are just starting to explore or have had sexual encounters without asking the girl how she felt. As men grow up they become more experienced and knowledgeable in bed. They also gain a confidence that assures the young woman that they know what they are doing. Confidence is a hard thing to turn down in any circumstance. Someone who is confident can get away with a lot of things.

Just like with younger men older men make younger women feel wanted. Older men love the idea of being able to get together with a younger woman and will often seek it out. It makes them feel younger and often times also makes them feel accomplished because they feel like they can still get a younger woman. Because of the want for younger women older men will often times treat younger women really well just to keep them from going away. This may sound sad but there are also less options for them in their own age range just like with women due to the fact that most older women are married.

Whether you are a younger woman looking for older men or an older woman looking for younger men you are perfectly normal. There are many other people out there in the world like you. Go on Google and look for a dating website to match your likes. You can even use a regular dating website and just concentrate on those that match your age requirements.

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