Do You Make Eye Contact With Attractive Women?

Eyes are the road to the soul. This isn’t just an old wives tale, it is the truth. Unless someone has purposefully taught themselves through years of self-training to hide their emotions, their eyes will telegraph everything they are going to do and even their thoughts. As such, eye contact can be a big thing when older women dating.

Making eye contact with an attractive mature woman can let them know that you are interested. It is a great way to gain an idea as to whether or not another person is interested in you in return. While this is true there is only a certain amount of eye contact that should be made. Repeated eye contact can come across as too much interest for many women.  Every woman is different though, so keep that in mind.

Eye contact can also be used as a mode of flirting. If both people look at each other you can use the muscles around your eyes to reflect emotion, including lust. You can also use them to show that younger men love older women. Look up and down her body in a way that shows passion not hunger. You want to show her that you appreciate her beauty but not that you are only appreciating her looks. 

Do not let an attractive mature woman find you looking at her every time that she turns around. This lets her know that you are interested in her, but the wrong kind of interest. It makes her feel like she is being watched and preyed upon. It is important that you limit the amount of watching that you do and you only want her to see you watching her once or twice.

Eye contact can be a very good thing for shy men. Shy younger men who love older women aren’t likely to approach a woman in public and when they are they will probably be nervous doing so. When a shy man makes eye contact with a woman and she smiles at him in a warming way, or even if her eyes are just warming, he will be instilled with confidence because he is no longer afraid that she will immediately shoot him down.  For shy men, while they shouldn’t stare, they should aim to make eye contact.

When a woman notices you making eye contact with her, do not break it. Breaking eye contact will make you look nervous and possibly creepy. Instead, own up to it. Show her that you are interested with her with her eyes.  From there communicate with each other using your eyes. That communication could be key to you meeting a new woman. Plus, it is hard to tell if she likes you back without meeting her eyes.

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How do you stare at an attractive mature woman in a good way though?  It is important that you think about your eye contact before older women dating.  You want to portray the same kind of happiness that you do when you laugh.  Upon laughing your eyes relax and that is what you want to use when older women dating. One way to get this is to laugh just before you make eye contact with the woman, it will also have the rest of your face relaxed.

Another good way to prepare yourself to make eye contact when younger men who love older women need to practice. Looking people in the eyes in your everyday life will help you to discover what works and what doesn’t.  Look cashiers, co-workers, and other people you deal with every day in the eye. Just make sure to not do so in a creepy manner.

Making eye contact has always been considered a way to communicate without having to say a word.  It is no different in older women dating. The only difference is that you are trying to communicate interest and to attempt to ascertain their interest. Flattering a girl is never a bad thing anyways.  Use your eye contact to win you a new attractive mature woman. 

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