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Are you a guy who likes to flirt? If so, join and do it with any female you want. is a unique site that accepts men only if they can buy a subscription. Women can use the site freely after verifying their true identity. The sole aim of this website is flirting. Thus, men and women on this dating site are casual and laid-back fellows. They have a naughty side they would love to explore. If this describes who you are, do not waste time. Create an account and start flirting. Although frequent users are casual jokers, there are guys who want a marriage partner. The site is great to use when you are lonely, down and interested in a flirt chat.

How to sign up

Any male or female could sign up. Also couples could join The process of creating an account takes about fifteen minutes. You can join using your email address or your Facebook account. The latter method is easier because the system will copy-paste your FaceBook profile data. After this you can start fast flirting. There are plenty of females who enjoy the fun here. As a man, you will not get full access until you pay your subscription fee. Females, as we pointed out, can get down to business immediately after joining. They have to use their ID when verifying their identity through a phone call, text message or credit card. 

How works

After becoming a member, a male should ask the women he likes to send a particular message to their top ten matches. The message is usually brief and utterly naughty. For instance, the woman could describe a hthephysical feature that she thinks is irresistible. The website provides up to twelve pages of information that a member has to fill out.

But, you can decide to skip some of these pages. Ensure that you read the second page, though. It has very important information about the things you will be doing. For example, it states the number of emails you will receive. If you have the time and energy to finish all the twelve pages, do it. In no time at all, you will receive emails from admirers who might want a naughty moment with you. features

This website has many features. If you have a full membership you can use all these features.

  • Send and receive messages – Members are free to send and read unlimited messages.
  • mobile app – This will let you access the site from anywhere on your android mobile gadget. Simply download the app and flirt anytime anywhere.
  • Naughty mode – If you want to view members’ nudes, just turn on your naughty mode.
  • Activity mode – It shows all your new updates: emails, chats and winks. There will always be new alerts even if you use turn them off.
  • Flexible searches – Looking for handsome guys or girls on is awesome. The default setting, ‘most responsive’, lets you search without feeling bored.  As well, you can search by age, location, last online, physical body features, type of desired relationship and other parameters. Search results appear as pictures and lists.
  • Photo requests – If you want a certain contact to send you private photos, the site allows it.
  • Add photos – To let others see who they are having a flirt chat with, add your photographs.
  • Trusted – This feature lets you view all members who have completed their profiles by paying their subscription fees and confirming their identity.

Membership rates

Females – Access is free after a woman confirms her identity. She has three options to use during the verification process: phone, text message or credit card. Afterward, she can use the website according to the terms of use.

Males – Men have to pay to gain access to Beyond a flirt there is no more a man do. So paying is important. Though fees might go up or down, here is the available subscription data.

  • $4.47 – This is the amount a man pays to try the site for three days.
  • $39.99 – This is a full month subscription fee.
  • $$59.97– This is the fee you will pay to access the site for three months.
  • $95.94– The amount you will pay for a six month period.

Note: uses an automatic billing method. If you think you have had enough of it, just cancel your subscription. On your account’s Billing History, change your setting to a cancellation mode.  Another point is that you can cancel your subscription within seven days. You will get a full refund if you have not used any sections of the site.

Why use

You will enjoy being a member of this website if you love flirting. As a male, the rates shown above are not a big price to pay to meet all kinds of beautiful women. As for the ladies, you have nothing to lose. The site only requires you to verify your identity. Once you do, it is all yours. Additionally, the website has a user-friendly dashboard and a lovely layout.

There is no way you could feel confused. A top left menu displays every thing you will use to communicate with others.  The top right corner shows your profile settings. The only thing that many users dislike is pop-up ads that appear when one clicks certain links.

Verdict – Should you join or not?

This decision is entirely yours. All the same, we would ask you to join if you love flirting with ladies or guys. Fast flirting is the main goal this site seeks to attain. If your only interest is casual dates, this is where you need to be. It does not matter whether you are single or married. There will be a person who will compliment you. As this is a paid website for males, it is good to be totally sure you want to join and for how long your subscription should last. Ladies are the lucky ones as usage is free of charge.

Click Here to Visit Official Site

Updated: February 13, 2018 — 2:27 am

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